How a person grows up to totally depend on the parenting that they have received while they were kids. It can easily affect the psychology of the kids and can leave an impact on them for sure. To provide you with detailed information about all the concepts we have mentioned down the details below, these will surely help you to understand the complexity of being a parent.
This kind of parents is extremely controlling as well as strict towards their kids. They need their kids to obey them and also have a strong feeling of justice. They are believers of the rules that are clearly told to the kids and are also rigid that those rules must be followed. The give and take culture in this kind of parenting style is highly discouraged and they happen to not take any kind of challenges from their kids. These parents are highly known for their demands, but they do not respond that much.
These parents are a bit more communicative and warmer as c compared to the authoritarian parents. These kinds of parents are able to create a balance between listening to their kids’ desires as well as having them listen to what the parents have to say. They are not at all restrictive and intrusive but are assertive. These parents are also known to be highly responsive as well as demanding. They want their children to identify and fulfill social responsibilities and also to be independent as well. The parents with this parenting style are known to raise the children who are best adjusted.
This kind of parents are known to make least demands from their kids and are more accepting as well as warmer as compared to any other kind of parents. These kinds of parents allow a lot of self-regulation and do not make any confrontations with the kids and are also popular for their lenient nature. These parents are known to be much more responsive than the demands they make from the kids. These parents try to be a friend to their kid because of any of the possible reason. Also, they are keen to compensate their kids for something that they themselves lacked as a child.
These kinds of parents are known to demand nothing from their kids and also do not respond much. Kids of these parents experience absolute freedom without any kind of restrictions imposed on them. This parenting style is at lowest both in the responsiveness as well as the demandingness. Also, in some of the situations, it can lead to complete neglecting of the kids.
In this article, we tried to provide you with information about different parenting styles that are being practiced by a huge number of people around the world. If you are going to be a parent soon, make sure to follow the right parenting style in order to raise your kids to be an excellent human being.